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Why it is important to make a will

If you follow our blog you will have seen that we have already talked about wills on previous occasions. In today’s article, we want to give you some more keys about the will so that you become an expert on the subject. That said, we will start by telling you that it is the most well-known and used legal tool to guarantee that the will of a deceased person is carried out. Or put another way, this document determines who will be the beneficiary of our assets. That said, let’s go a little deeper.

When and why a will should be made

As we have mentioned, the will allows us to decide the fate of our assets. And above all, know that our will will be fulfilled. Contrary to what many think, it is a simple and economical process. In addition, it facilitates the transmission of assets, avoiding family conflicts.

When is the best time to write it

To this question, there are countless answers. However, and being pragmatic, the most accurate would be from the moment the person has their own assets. Furthermore, from certain ages onwards, it is advisable to prepare it before illnesses or certain accidents may appear.

Can a will be modified?

Doubts about whether a will is subject to modification are common. The answer is yes. One can modify their will as many times as they want. Of course, it will always be necessary to do it before a notary. Finally, it is important that you know that the document that will have legal value will be the last one. That is, the one that was written with the most recent date of death.

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